Join us for an interactive discussion on an important and growing segment of the economy! 

A new report from APEC, “Growing Atlantic Canada’s Clean Technology Firms,” examines Atlantic Canada’s clean technology firms and what policies would best facilitate their growth.  APEC’s research identified 67 clean technology firms in Atlantic Canada in 2017 that had developed their own commercial technologies. Among the findings were that early adopters and strong management are needed to facilitate the future growth of these firms.  

On Wednesday February 28 at 10am (AST), APEC’s Director of Research, David Chaundy, the report’s author, will host a one-hour webinar highlighting the report’s main findings and recommendations.  

Following the 40 minute presentation there will be a 15 minute Q&A session (via chat).

The webinar will answer key questions about clean tech firms in Atlantic Canada including:

  • Who are some of the clean technology firms in Atlantic Canada?
  • How big is the region’s emerging clean technology sector?
  • Why are governments so keen to see these firms expand?
  • What are the key factors influencing their development?
  • What policies or strategies are most likely to facilitate their growth?

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