Because the ocean technology sector is knowledge-based, the most important element in building the Oceans Advance cluster is the availability of highly qualified people. The high-calibre education and training provided by Memorial University, the Marine Institute and the College of the North Atlantic are key to the development of expertise in areas ranging from science, engineering and technology, to business and the arts—all of which are essential skills in addressing the technical, entrepreneurial, collaboration and communications requirements of operating in this sector.  It is therefore imperative that these educational institutions are integral components of the sector. 

The world-class facilities at these post-secondary institutions attract the best and brightest young people and researchers to pursue careers in ocean technology, and prepare them to work in this field. Having well-funded research and highly qualified faculty are key drivers of the education and training infrastructure in St. John’s and more broadly, across the province through the campuses of the College of the North Atlantic and the Grenfell Campus of Memorial University.

The subsectors under Education & Training are:


Academic Unit