OceansAdvance Board Member
Vice President, Rutter Inc.

Over the past 19 years Stephen Hale, an electrical engineer, has been involved in a wide range of activities in the telecommunications, mobile and marine industries. A graduate from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Stephen is currently the Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Rutter Inc. of St. John’s.  Rutter is a developer of advanced radar signal processing technologies for the marine safety, security, and environmental monitoring & protection industries.

Prior to joining Rutter in 2008, Stephen worked as a Software Engineer and Development Manager in the telecommunications and mobile industries.

Upon joining Rutter as their Software Architect and Research and Development Manager, he was responsible for the hardware and software development of various Rutter projects for the sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection, Small Target Surveillance, Ice Navigator™ and WaMoS® II products.  Later Stephen transitioned to head the sales and marketing division of Rutter as Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development.  He is responsible for Rutter’s direct sales activities as well as their international network of 40+ dealers, and for the development of Rutter’s international markets for both their products and their versatile R&D team that undertakes contracted research and development projects in a variety of areas.