OceansAdvance Board Member
Director of Research & Development & Director of Ice and Environmental Services for PALAerospace.

Mr. Stephen Green has degrees in Physics, Civil Engineering and Meteorology plus holds numerous offshore certifications.  Mr. Green is the Director of Research & Development & Director of ice and Environmental Services for PALAerospace.  He has over 25 years of experience in the oil & gas, arctic and research & development sectors.  He has managed numerous projects including research & development, ice management, aerospace & defence, weather forecasting, oceanographic monitoring, data analysis, numerical modelling, and field data collection & analysis.

Mr Green has relationships with numerous oil companies, individuals, and institutions across the planet dealing with cold and harsh regions.  He is internationally recognized as an expert in offshore oil & gas, physical environmental management, ice management, and environmental monitoring, by Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia, Norway, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany and Kazakhstan.

In addition, Mr. Green the technical committee chair, and vice chair of ISO/TC67 the Standardization of the materials, equipment and offshore structures used in the drilling, production, transport by pipelines and processing of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons within the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. He is the Canadian Mirror Committee Chair for the ISO/TC67/SC8 where he manages all of Canada’s contributions by providing oversight for the sub-groups for the development of Operational Oil & Gas Standards for the Arctic and Harsh Environments.  Mr. Green is the International Project Coordinator for the ISO/TC67/SC8/WG4 Committee for Development of Operational Arctic ISO Ice Management Standards.  Mr. Green is one of a few world experts on Glacial Ice Management (Iceberg) and is a primary author for ISO35104 Ice Management Standard for the glacial ice portions.  He is the Canadian Federal Government Liaison to the Russian ISO/TC67/SC8 Committee for the Development of Environmental Monitoring Arctic oil & gas ISO Standards.  Sub groups include: working environment; escape, evacuation and rescue; environmental monitoring; ice management; arctic materials; physical environment for arctic operations and man-made islands.