Executive Director
OceansAdvance Inc.
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Catherine Hogan (Cathy)  joined OceansAdvance on April 1, 2003 as the Administrative Officer.  In June 2016, she assumed the role of (acting) Executive Director and was appointed to the position permanently in February 2017.  With the support of a strong Board of Directors representative of all facets of the cluster, Cathy has led the organization into a new era.

This Ocean Technology Cluster Executive has a passion for, and a proven track record of, building robust, strategic local, regional, national and international relationships with industry, research organizations, academia, government and NGOs.  She has strong project management capabilities, leadership qualities and partnership development skills.  Her desire to grow the Canadian economy by making connections for and on behalf of members, stakeholders, partners and collaborators has led to the success and growth of OceansAdvance and its membership over the last number of years.

Cathy currently holds the positions of: Co-Chair of the Pan Atlantic ACOA Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy oceans sector team; Chair of the Ocean Technology Alliance of Canada and she is an active member of the Blue Tech Cluster Alliance, an international cluster of clusters. Her time is spent seeking ways to support OceansAdvance cluster members by making strategic connections; developing programs and services to support international business development opportunities and developing the ocean’s talent pipeline with programs at the high school and post-secondary level.  She leads two programs supporting young women in ocean’s studies and her most recent undertaking is the bringing together of 46 partners to support the development of a Canadian long-term strategy to increase the number of women in the oceans sector.

Prior to her joining OceansAdvance, Cathy worked as a consultant for the NL Provincial Department of Development and Rural Renewal as a Contract Administrator and as the liaison between the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program IIRAP) providing management of Federal Provincial Agreements.  In addition to this, she worked with clients providing path-finding services as a CTN Advisor (an NRC initiative), performed compliance on client agreements, and marketing and promotion services on behalf of IRAP and CTN.

Cathy has a vast background in conference organizing and served as Project Manager for the highly successful IEEE MTS OCEANS2014, CMOS-CGU-AMS 2007, the Bay Bytes Rural Connectivity Initiative and the Federal GOL Initiative (Government On-Line).

Cathy is a graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Cathy and her partner Stewart have homes in St. John’s and Nova Scotia and have 5 grandchildren in Lunenburg and in the Ottawa area.