OceansAdvance Board Member
Edgewise Environmental Ltd.
President / CEO of Edgewise Environmental Ltd.

Ashley Noseworthy is the CEO and founder of Edgewise Environmental. A local marine environmental consultancy focused on marine mammals, seabirds, and anthropogenic noise mitigation solutions. Accomplished in project management, and an entrepreneur, Ashley has over 15 years of progressive and comprehensive experience in environmental management and regulatory compliance across a variety of marine industries including oil and gas, renewable energy, environmental emergency response and academic expeditions. She has worked globally in the offshore sector in management, compliance and training roles and was one of the first females in a management role, permitted offshore within the Arabian Gulf. Ashley holds a MSc (International Marine Environmental Consulting) from Newcastle University, a Masters Diploma in Project Management from York University and a BSc (Biology) from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

She also has an extensive background in offshore survival and aviation ditching working with world-leading researchers in the areas of human factors and performance. She is a certified offshore aviation ditching and survival instructor, qualified H2S instructor and evaluator and has taught to a variety of global standards in both Norway and the UK.

Ashley sits on multiple cross appointed boards for industry and academia both in NL and internationally including Perchance Theatre Company, the MUN Innovation Advisory Committee, the IMarEST Marine Mammals Special Interest Group and Destination Canada Sustainability Task Force. Her passion is the ocean and celebrating more diversity and inclusion within the Blue Economy. She is a supporter of women in STEM fields and increasing general awareness of our reliance on the oceans and their contributions to our everyday lives.