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NunatuKavut Community Council

November 2, 2017

NunatuKavut is an Indigenous organization that represents over 6000 Inuit of Southern Labrador. It has an interest in Ocean Management for cultural, conservation, ecological, and economic reasons.  Read more.


Ocean Management & Trading Co. Ltd

November 2, 2017

Ocean Management & Trading Co. Ltd. (OMT) was incorporated in 1988 and staff have experience serving the industrial infrastructure of Eastern Canada in the marine, construction and industrial sectors.   Our operations focus on marine logistics consulting, corporate representation, identification and evaluation of “fit-for-purpose” marine assets, and vessel operations. Additional services include project cargo, logistics management, and feasibility consulting for the offshore oil and northern/remote mining sectors. Read more.


From the Desk of Finn Poschmann: Fiscally Updating Small Business

by Admin on October 25, 2017

Today’s Fiscal Update from federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau will serve two key purposes. First is to put a happy pause, from the government’s point of view, on the controversy surrounding business tax proposals presented for comment during the summer, which have ended up involving an arguably deserved dissection of the Minister’s personal finances; second is to direct attention instead to more positive economic news.   Read more.


Advanced Oceanic Systems Inc.

October 23, 2017

Advanced Oceanic provides autonomous underwater vehicle systems for data collection, inspection and customized purposes to offshore industries. Read more.