Pro-Dive Marine Services is the first company in Canada to take delivery of the powerful new Panther XT Plus work ROV manufactured by Saab Seaeye. David Squires, president of Newfoundland-based Pro-Dive, believes the new design of ROV will add a significant work resource to Canada’s East Coast offshore operations.

 “We will be able to accomplish many more work tasks and expand our services to the oil and gas industry across Canada’s Eastern offshore sectors,” he says. “The Panther XT Plus has a full work class capability that is economic and affordable, yet packs a punch equivalent to a small hydraulic work ROV.”

Billed as the most powerful ROV of its class, the Panther XT Plus has over 50 percent more thrust than its nearest competitor and a power to weight ratio twice that of the competition.

Packed with ten powerful thrusters it can swim over 30 percent faster than anything else and will hold steady in strong cross currents, making it ideal for a range of work and survey tasks.

Ten thrusters in hand also bring peace of mind to operators working to a tight deadline or in difficult conditions by offering a reassuringly high degree of redundancy.

For David Squires, the hugely increased payload of the ROV means it can handle industry standard seven function position feedback manipulators for heavy duty work and precise control of complex manipulator tasks.

Pro-Dive’s Panther XT Plus comes with two Schilling Orion manipulators, one four-function with a 7.8 inch gripper and the other seven-function with a 3.8 inch PA gripper. Also included is a manipulator-held hydraulic cleaning brush tool, and a CP contact probe.

In addition to operating larger and heavier manipulator arms, the ROV’s higher payload allows a greater range of tools and sensors to be fitted. The Pro-Dive vehicle itself comes ready to take additional sensors and is fitted with an Imagenex 881A sonar head. Also onboard is a Seaeye wide-angle low-light colour camera, a Kongsberg high-definition mono low light CDD camera and a Kongsberg colour zoom camera. 

Pro-Dive’s complete system includes a Saab Seaeye tether management system (TMS) fitted with two cameras, along with an A-frame launch and recovery system (LAR) upgraded to Atex Zone ll specification and fitted with a snubber-rotator upgrade for safe recovery.

The whole operation is managed from a purpose made Lloyds certified 16 foot control cabin.

The introduction of the new powerful Panther XT Plus concept comes as operators increasingly turn to the new breed of powerful electric work ROVs that come at a considerably lower cost of ownership, needing about a quarter of the deck space of an equivalent hydraulic vehicle, fewer crew and lower vehicle cost – and can tackle most work tasks including drill support, IRM, survey and some construction tasks.

Pro-Dive Marine Services has grown since 1983 to become a major operator in the region where they provide ROV and diving services, construction and drill support, concrete mattresses, offshore grouting, subsea markers, offshore project support staff, and subsea engineering.

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