April 30, 2012: LOOKNorth is soliciting Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in Canada who have developed remote sensing technologies that can provide significant positive impacts for the sustainable development of Canada’s Northern and Oil Sands resources.

This EOI call will lead to a maximum of three remote sensing validation projects with environmental themes identified in the Priority Development Areas below.  These areas have been identified through sector assessments conducted with the oil and gas, mining, and hydro-electric power generation industries.

 Priority Development Areas

Theme 1: Water Characterization

  • Water Quality
    • Detection and quantification of contamination of water supplies:
      • Sediments, brine content and hydrocarbons.
  • Water Quantity
    • Baseline quantification of surficial water levels and flows:
      • Current quantification and historical estimates of sloughs, wetlands, lakes and rivers.

Theme 2: Air Characterization

  • Air Quality
    • Baselining and monitoring of air quality:
      • Green house gases, methane and ozone.
    • Characterization and tracking of airborne contaminates or industrial by-products and their interaction with the ecosystem.

 Theme 3: Trace Hydrocarbon Detection

  • Leak Detection
    • Detection of the presence of oil and/or oil-saturated earth under snow cover.
  • Seepage Detection
    • Detection of onshore carbon dioxide seeps.
    • Detection and baselining of hydrocarbon gas seeps, onshore and/or offshore.

This request for EOIs is the first phase of a proposal process intended to identify a maximum of three projects.  Successful projects should demonstrate or validate technologies that will provide impacts such as an increase in operational safety, operational cost effectiveness, increased environmental responsibility, accelerated regulatory process for permits and other benefits as described in the LN-EOI Detailed Description Open Call 2012 document.

Please use the documents below to respond to this EOI call:

For further information on this call for expressions of interest, please visit the project section of our website by clicking here.