The abstract deadline for OCEANS 2012 Hampton Roads is just a day away! Submit your abstracts now by clocking here

OCEANS 2012 Hampton Roads brings together the technology, people, and ideas that will help to expand the understanding of the earths largest natural resource. Hampton Roads maritime heritage combined with its strategic location near key decision makers from the U.S. Government make this venue a perfect opportunity to address the challenges facing the worlds users of the ocean.

OCEANS 2012s theme, Harnessing the Power of the Ocean, has as its foundation a conceptual National Ocean Enterprise and its seven societal benefits as identified by the National Ocean Partnership Programs legislation in 1999, followed by Presidents Bushs Ocean Action Plan and President Obamas Ocean Science  Policy They are:

  •      Improving predictions of climate change and weather, their effects on coastal communities and the nation
  •      Improving the safety and efficiency of marine operations
  •      Mitigating the effects of natural hazards
  •      Improving national and homeland security
  •      Reducing public health risks
  •      Protecting and restoring healthy coastal marine ecosystems
  •      Enabling the sustained use of marine resources

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