Is Atlantic Canada a productivity back-water? Are Atlantic Canadian businesses less productive than their Canadian cousins? What makes a company productive, anyway? And how can we make Atlantic Canadian businesses even more productive than they already are?
These are some of the questions which a major study led by the Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia is trying to answer. This study, funded by ACOA and supported by the Harris Centre of Memorial University, is aimed at both private-sector enterprises and at those non-governmental organizations which support private enterprises (e.g., chambers of commerce, sector associations, employment-readiness organizations, immigration agencies, etc.). University researchers are also invited to contribute their thoughts.
There is much we don’t know about productivity and how to improve it – especially in the Atlantic Canada context. Atlantic Canada is a challenging region in which to do business: dispersed communities, long distances from suppliers and to markets, lack of home-grown competition to spur innovation, declining industries, etc. Help us figure out how to make the region more productive and sustainable by filling out the questionnaire at the study website. Click here to open the questionnaire in a seperate window.
This survey attempts to address a number of key issues, so it will require a bit of your time – we figure about 20 minutes. In return for this investment, we commit to reflecting back to you the findings of this research. We will be producing a report and posting it on our website (, we will be communicating through the media and we will be organizing a major forum in Moncton next spring, to which you will be invited.
The questionnaire will be accessible up until the end of August. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Thanks for those who have already filled out the questionnaire.