Connaigre Fish Farms Incorporated is developing innovative deep water mussel socking and harvesting technology. The  Provincial Government is granting them with $33,367 to assist in the development of equipment that will streamline the process of handling mussels in deep waters.

In order to farm mussels successfully on the south coast of the province, farmers must grow mussels in much deeper waters than farms in other areas of the province. This led to Connaigre Fish Farms Incorporated developing a deep water conveyor system to facilitate growing and harvesting mussels. This innovative equipment will make operations substantially more efficient by increasing the speed and consistency of the entire process.

“Through the Provincial Government’s Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program, innovation and efficiency is continuously supported in all areas of the fishing and aquaculture industry,” said Honourable Keith Hutchings, Minster of Fisheries and Aquaculture. He said he believes that the current investment will not only assist Connaigre Fish Farmsbut will also create a better overall approach to deep water commercial mussel farming on the south coast of the province and improve productivity.

With the introduction of this deep water socking and harvesting technology to the South Coast sites, the company is expected to be able to increase its annual production from approximately 500,000 pounds to between three million and five million pounds.

Job Halfyard, CEO and President of Connaigre Fish Farms Incorporated said that the company is, “continuously improving operations at our mussel farms to give our clients the best product possible. With these advances, we expect to achieve greater efficiency and output. I thank the Provincial Government for its support with this project, and look forward to realizing greater gains from future harvests.”


  • Connagire Fish Farms Incorporated will receive more than $33,000 from the Provincial Government to assist with the development of deep water mussel farming technology. 
  • Connaigre Fish Farms Incorporated operates two mussel sites on the Connaigre Peninsula. The two sites have a total 457 hectares of available growing space.

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