Each year MTS sponsors numerous conferences, technical symposia, and workshops, including OCEANS, Dynamic Positioning, Underwater Intervention, and TechSurge. The March/April 2013 issue of the MTS Journal (Vol. 47, No. 2) provides the opportunity for papers presented at MTS conferences and workshops to be expanded into full peer-reviewed articles. The papers in this issue cover a range of diverse subjects from dynamic positioning to marine forensics and more. As you attend and present papers at future MTS conferences and workshops, consider expanding your proceedings paper into a Journal publication!

The Table of Contents provides some insight into the range of related topics covered:

  • “Bonhomme Richard:Connecting the Past With the Future,” by Melissa S. Ryan, Jonathan W. White
  • “Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Positioning in Ice,” by Ivan Metrikin, Sveinung Løset, Nils Albert Jenssen, Sofien Kerkeni
  • “Use of High-Resolution DIDSON Sonar to Quantify Attributes of Predation at Ecologically Relevant Space and Time Scales,” by Victoria E. Price, Peter J. Auster, Laura Kracker
  • “A General Approach for Dynamic Positioning Weathervane Control” by Michel R. Miyazaki, Eduardo A. Tannuris
  • “Investigation of Underwater Acoustic Networking Enabling the Cooperative Operation of Multiple Heterogeneous Vehicles,” by Nuno A. Cruz, Bruno M. Ferreira, Oleksiy Kebkal, Aníbal C. Matos, Chiara Petrioli, Roberto Petroccia, Daniele Spaccini
  • “Static and Fatigue Analysis of Composite Turbine Blades Under Random Ocean Current Loading,” by Fang Zhou, Hassan Mahfuz, Gabriel M. Alsenas, Howard P. Hanson
  • “Conceptual Design of Ocean Compressed Air Energy Storage System,” by Daniel D. Lim, Andre P. Mazzoleni, Joong-kyoo Park, Paul I. Ro, Brendan Quinlan

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