Centre for Marine Simulation (CMS) is a research and training facility operated by the Marine Institute of Memorial University providing a comprehensive suite of marine simulation capabilities. It assists the maritime and offshore industries in mitigating the risk of accidents, in accelerating training and improving performance, and in testing new equipment designs. Particular areas of expertise include the modeling and simulation of harsh maritime environments; human performance in moving environments, small craft simulation, simulation of offshore oil and gas operations, and waterway risk analysis.


CMS operates the following specialized simulation facilities:

·    Full Mission Ship’s Bridge Simulator

·    Cargo Operations Simulator (MODU and Tanker operations)

·    Ballast Control

·    Dynamic Positioning Simulators

·    Navigation and Blind Pilotage Simulator

·    Propulsion Plant Simulator

·    GMDSS Simulator

·    Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Simulators

·    Process Control Simulator

·    Lifeboat Launch Simulator

·    Web-based Navigation Instruments Simulator 


Centre for Marine Simulation

  • Focus: training, educational, and research and development ranging from computer based part-task simulators to large and complex full mission simulation.
  • Facilities: Ballast Control and Cargo Handling Simulator; Dynamic Positioning Simulator; Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) Simulator; Fast Time Simulator; Full Mission Ship’s Bridge Simulator; Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Simulator; Lifeboat Launch Simulator; NetSim; Process Control Simulator; Propulsion Plant Simulator; Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Simulator; Simulated Electronic Navigation (SEN) Live Equipment Laboratory; Simulated Electronic Navigation (SEN) Simulator; Tug Simulator


Additionally the facility maintains numerical modelling capacity for ship designs and geographic databases.