EMSAT develops innovative software solutions that address real-time data monitoring challenges of today’s industry. Founded in 2010, EMSAT seeks to provide decision makers with the environmental information and intelligence they need to improve responsiveness, ensure regulatory compliance and to efficiently manage reporting.

The EMSAT software is a flexible data aggregation, visualization and data management platform that leverages powerful cloud computing and sensor/satellite communication technologies to deliver accurate real-time environmental monitoring.  Strategic partnerships with sensor providers and satellite experts allow EMSAT to deliver custom solutions to meet any real-time, remote environmental monitoring challenge. EMSAT offers a unique platform for environmental monitoring innovation in a broad range of applications for the oil and gas industry, mining industry, pipelines, climate change and air quality assessment.

EMSAT is currently working on a pilot project in the oil and gas industry sector in Alberta. The end result of the project will be a system for real-time Measurement, Monitoring and Verification (MMV) of a geological CO2 storage site. The pilot project represents a unique application of EMSAT’s technology.