Fair and balanced editorial coverage helps spread the word about successful businesses and services. The success of individual businesses also reflects positively on the sector within which they operate. In co-operation with the City of St. John’s, OceansAdvance Inc. is pleased to present internationally published success stories about local innovators who are raising the profile of our ocean technology cluster around the globe.


This week’s story, “Design Toolset of the Future for Arctic Ship and Offshore Structures” is reproduced from the April 2011 Edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News.


These stories, which we will be presenting from time to time, are the result of the Ocean Technology Media Program. It is managed by the City of St. John’s, with financial support from the Department of Innovation, Trade & Rural Development. The program is aimed at generating editorial coverage of Newfoundland and Labrador’s ocean technology cluster in key trade and media publications, including on-line sources. With more than a dozen stories placed in just over a year, the appetite of international trade journals for stories from here appears to be growing.