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by Barry Snow on November 17, 2015

This profile was written and published by Memorial University (MUN). FACEFORWARD is created and managed by the Division of Marketing and Communications for the Office of the President at MUN.    See here for full text   SEASICKNESS DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN AT SEA.  Read more.

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by wade on May 5, 2015

AS THE JET LIFTED OFF FROM THE HELSINKI RUNWAY AND VEERED WESTWARD IT CARRIED among its passengers the newly minted Dr. Brian Veitch. With him he brought a dedication to creativity in science and research, an eagerness to overcome challenges, and an as yet unrealized drive to make an impact on safety at sea.  It was late December of 1995 when the St. Read more.

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by wade on March 28, 2015

EVERY TIME HE WENT TO HIS HOTEL ROOM KRIS MCNEIL FACED THE FRUSTRATION OF untangling a shopping bag full of wires. A software developer for a St. John’s-based start-up company, McNeil found himself wearing many hats, including product management and sales for the local company that did a lot of business in New York and California. At the time, Bluetooth and other wireless technology was simplifying data transmission, “but I still had to deal with a ball of power cords,” he recalls. Read more.

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by wade on February 28, 2015

OFFSHORE LABRADOR IS NOT A PLACE FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. So Judith Bobbitt felt completely in her element when, in 1978, she took her dream job as a physical oceanographer aboard an oil industry vessel. “At sea I felt completely at peace,” she says recalling her short career as a working member of the team collecting data on temperature, salinity, current speed, and interpreting it for multinational drilling operations in the Davis Strait and on the Labrador Shelf. Not even the initial seasickness on each trip could deter her. Read more.

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by wade on February 6, 2015

MOST PEOPLE LOOK AT A WAVE AND SEE WATER CRASHING IN ON ITSELF, BUT NOT Randy Billard. For him each wave is a marvel of mathematical possibilities. He is stoked by how wave energy is transferred and the tremendous forces it can exert. And he’s proud of his ability to use mathematics, physics, and computational software to visualize and model the wave interaction with small vessels and produce training simulation programs for vessels at sea.   Read more.