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Porpoise friendly | Marine Institute playing pivotal part in race against extinction of species

by Steve Chafe, President & General Manager on February 8, 2018



In San Felipe in the Upper Gulf of California, Mexico, the vast majority of the residents of the coastal community fish for a living.   Trouble is, the gillnets they’ve used for generations to sustain themselves have largely contributed to the decimation of the highly endangered vaquita porpoise, which only lives in that particular area of the ocean. Only 30 individuals of the little marine mammal remain.
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by Kassandra Sharron on January 30, 2018

An interview with Robert Gash, engineering research scientist with NRC OCRE   by Wade Kearley   Through the wall of windows along the north side of the University Centre, the skies over the St. John’s Campus appear grey as the unusually cold weather lingers. Although it is mid-May, the few straggly maples visible on campus have not yet opened fully into leaf.   Read more.


by Admin on January 9, 2018

By Wade Kearley Philip Meintzer’s research into a better design for cod pots could help build a sustainable, commercial fishery for cod.
With the twitter handle @codfatherNL, it’s no surprise that Philip Meintzer lights up when discussing his research on cod pots. All this despite the fact that on the wharves of Fogo Island, he’s endured good-natured gibes.  “The fishermen get a laugh out of a prairie boy trying to tell them how to fish.”   Read more.

A Multi-beam Vision for the Future

by Admin on January 9, 2018

Profile of Sarah Walsh, a champion for Ocean Mapping By Wade Kearley   Read more.


Candidates for OA Election of Officers, January 18, 2018

by Admin on December 13, 2017

Dr. Neil Bose Vice President (Research) Memorial University of Newfoundland   Read more.